We Run, They Run, I Run: Bates Green Gallop (Road to Bournemouth Week 11)

11 weeks into my training plan and it seems to be flying by, but this means I’m having to actually run some proper distances now, and after successfully negotiation the milestone that was a half marathon last weekend I had another mammoth race to contend with. A lapped affair, with a  6 hour time limit and to make up my weekly distance I needed to cover 30km. Ouch!

It was a pretty course of 3.84 miles around Bates Green Farm, which consisted of some woodland trails, and a lot of farmers fields, which were really quite hard work to run on. You had to concentrate on where you were putting your feet the whole time, to avoid the dreaded twisted ankles.

Views from the farm on my second lap

On much less sleep than I had planned the first lap felt endless, despite only being relatively short, but after that they more or less flew by as you knew exactly what was coming up. There were some nice view’s in places, as we ran past bemused cows and horses in their fields.

The We run, They run, I run Team had yet again laid on a fantastic aid station full of sweets, cakes, flapjacks, fruit and crisps, alongside plenty of water, juice and coke to drink, as well as free tea and coffee for all runners and a recovery muffin when you finished, as well as another fantastic medal.

Despite my less than stellar prep for this race (my lack of sleep due to my lack of will power and my much later than planned exit from my friends birthday party the night before) I was feeling relatively strong once I was past the first lap, but by my final lap I was starting to struggle again, not due to a hangover I might add, but I had some uncomfortable chafing courtesy of my sports bra, my legs and hips were aching, my knee was giving me jip and my bad back was seizing up but I forced myself round the last little bit with half an eye on my watch – less than 5k to go, less than 3, only got to run past the campsite now and then I’m back… I hooted the horn to finish, my watch clocking my 5 laps in at 29.8km I thought about jogging down to the car park to make up the last 0.2km but honestly couldn’t be bothered. Close enough, and I’d done enough running during the week to offset the missing distance. I gladly took my medal and went to wait for the hubster, who was going for another marathon.


Week 11 Running total: 39.5km