That Pre-Race Buzz

Today I woke up excited, really excited, because tomorrow is race day. So excited in-fact that I have felt the need to channel it into a blog post.

I think it all adds up to being part of the reason that running these races can get so addictive. There is not just the race itself you see, there is the build up, the social media hype, the joy of knowing your going to be spending the day with amazing people, the pre-race rituals, the prep, all before even setting off. Then you race, then after the day is over, and you’re elated, and bruised and tired, then comes the post-race social media frenzy, with hundreds of posts and photos, and then its all over, and you just can’t wait for the next one.

Tomorrow it’s Dirty Dozen that has got me all worked up, I love Dirty Dozen races, and, if social media hype is to be believed, it is going to be EPIC! The obstacles look immense.

So here the pre-race prep begins. First came the whatsapp group between myself, Vince James, Linda Zeberga and Chris Williams, to arrange how we get there, which has turned into a general buzz of excited non-sense, don’t be surprised if the slogan “the skittles made me do it” starts appearing on our t-shirts, as well as being used by Linda and myself to discuss the all important question “what are you going to wear?” (Yes we discuss this, before pretty much every race we do together, we are girls, its what we do!)

Whatsapp. The app that allows us to annoy people with messages on mass! (Clean part of the conversation only ;) )
Whatsapp. The app that allows us to annoy people with messages on mass! (Clean part of the conversation only 😉 )

Our group conversation about the race has been going on for a few days now, but today is race-day eve, so now we start sharing with the world how excited we are via the medium of facebook, accompanied by pictures of last time, obviously!

Must. Tell. World. Am. Excited....
Must. Tell. World. Am. Excited….

So once I had the important stuff out of the way, like posting more rubbish on my Facebook page, it was time to boot up the computer, try and coax our printer into life, and print the ticket and wavier. I then happily sign said waiver, and have probably just promised all my worldly goods to Dirty Dozen races if I happen to die falling off a high wall – does anyone ever actually read them? (*ahem obviously I do read them, to do otherwise would be highly irresponsible)

Waiver signed, must remember to pack it.
Waiver signed, ticket printed, must remember to pack them.

Now it’s time to sort out my kit bag, and no matter how many times I do this, I’m always sure I’ve forgotten something! “Clothes, check, wait underwear? Oh there it is good, Shoes, Check, Dry-robe, Check, damn forgot the bin liners again” Followed by the kit I actually want to race in (pre-discussed with Linda of course) as I dig through the clean washing pile silently cursing because I can’t find my socks, and wondering which shoes I should race in.

All the gear no idea!
All the gear no idea!

So that’s me ready, and it’s not even 10am, so now there’s nothing for me to do but wait until tomorrow, and my head is spinning, and going to weird places, I even considered a cheeky snapchat involving strategically placed Dirty Dozen bobble hats, but thankfully I calmed down and thought better of it – all I need is for some joker to save it and I’ll be on the Facebook OCR Wrongens page with my hats out!

Keep Calm, it's only a race!
Keep Calm, it’s only a race!

And so now I wait, I’ll chat with my friends, I’ll double check my bag, and tomorrow morning I’ll be up at the crack of dawn, and that’s where the fun really begins… 🙂