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Out of the Blue 10k (Road to Bournemouth Week 6)

6 weeks since I started running again, 20 weeks to go until the Bournemouth Marathon, and the idea of running 26 miles seems laughable at the moment. I’m doing a good job of sticking with my plan, but just doing 12km in one go felt like a struggle and I can’t help but wonder how I’ll managed to put almost another 20 miles onto that, and attempt to pace it, which is something I’m beginning to realise I’m very very bad at!

Part of this weeks distance was made up at the Out of the Blue 10k run at Ashburnham place near Battle. Out of the Blue is a fundraising body raising mental health awareness and raising money for three different charities.

On the evening of this run the heavens opened and boy did it rain. It rained, and rained and rained, not letting up once. we were soaked before we even started, and the weather made the pre-race email that claimed that trail shoes wouldn’t be required as all the trails were dry laughable. Luckily I had ignored this advice and wore my terraclaws, but by the second lap, with the rain still pounding down, I wished I had gone with the more aggressive grip of the x-talon 200’s, so kudos to those that managed in normal trainers as I was sliding around all over the place in trail shoes!

Soaking wet before!

The run itself was great, despite the rain, lots of muddy trails through the woods, still a few bluebells peeking out between the trees, a fair amount of uphill, followed by some quite treacherous downhill in slippery mud. I saw a fair few people stack it, or slide around uncontrollably, momentum and mud taking them way off course. I just about stayed on my feet, but I did slide around all over the place laughing while I did so. This race was two 5k laps so with the constant rain and 400 odd runners the mud just got worse and worse by the second time around.

I finished this race feeling pretty positive, I’d had very little knee pain, right up until the final push to the finish line, I felt reasonably strong without trying to push to hard and I managed to finish in 55mins which I was really pleased with.

Soaking wet, muddy, and smiling

I have a few weekends race free now, but the next time I run it will be a heavy weekend of brutal 10 and then a half marathon which was my first mini-goal on my way to the full marathon, but its flying round fast now!

Week 6 running total: 28km