Rye Summer Series Race 2 – 10k (Road to Bournemouth week 18)

“…So this week my plan is to put down at least 30km, then get back on track with the training plan in earnest” Famous last words. Towards the end of my last blog, full of conviction that I would sort my shit out, well, I fell somewhat short! Words are easy, actions can be harder, and apparently pulling myself out of this lethargy is hardest of all, but still, I had a race to run so I had no choice but to do something.

I managed one of my two bootcamp sessions for the week – a bad back stopping me from doing the other, and did my PT session as usual but hadn’t managed to put down much more than 4km of running (mostly up and down steps). Still on Friday night was the second of the Rye Summer Series and so I had 10km to put down.

I originally arrived thinking I might practice pacing in this race, seeing if I could stick to 9 min miles, but as I started I first wanted to break free of the pack a bit, so I put down a bit more speed. As I pushed on, not too quickly but faster than my plan, I actually felt comfortable so although I dropped my pace a bit, I didn’t drop it down to the 9 min miles I had been planning.

I continued along the flat paths of the Rye Nature Reserve, where I’ve now run several times before, and was feeling pretty strong until just before half way, were I started to get some stomach cramping. I persevered though and after a few kilometres more it started to subside again, I tried to keep my pace up as much as I could, eventually sprinting to the finish line, where I finished in 51m33s, about a minuet faster than the previous month, though still far short of last years times, nevertheless I was happy with how I ran.

To finish the week off I actually managed to get up and go to Saturday morning run club, getting in an additional 7km for the week, although Sunday run club didn’t happen due to a very late finishing girls night with my friends. Ah well, here goes another week, where I should at least make my distance goals thanks to a lapped race at the weekend where I can put down as much as I like, as well as eating cake!

Week 18 running total: 21km