Road to London – 26.2 Miles to Go!

It occurred to me I haven’t updated my blog since the beginning of February. I was going to update after Lydd 20 and the Hastings Half Marathon but opportunities to actually sit down and write something can be few and far between, especially when you are using any baby free time you get to train, but shes off to swim with her Dad and so I’m going to try and write a quick update before soaking in a long bath in preparation for tomorrow, as the time has finally arrived and I’m actually going to have to run a marathon!

After doing all the training for Bournemouth marathon in 2017 but finding out I was pregnant, then getting into London straight after and deferring, this moment has been hanging over my head for almost 2 years! If you read my previous blog you’ll know that the training this time has been far from smooth, most notably the fractured elbow in January which completely derailed me for a month, but I adjusted my training plan and got back on track, managing to chip more and more off my average time for a long run and actually completing the Lydd 20 faster than my fastest estimate.

Finished after 20 miles at Lydd

Lydd really did deserve it’s own blog. That race was insane. The winds that day were gale force, and it was the first time I’ve ever been running and wished I weighed more, the wind kept blowing me off course! It’s also the only road race I’ve ever done where I had to crawl under a fallen tree on route. It was bleak and tough, but I still managed to run well for me, and this was a massive confidence boost. I then managed an even faster average pace at the Hastings Half, which although shorter has a lot more elevation, and took 15 mins off that fist half I had done post pregnancy back in February in just a month, although frustratingly still took just over 2 hours!

Running the Hastings Half

By the time I was doing my last few long runs I was so bored of running, I had gotten to the point where I just wanted it all to be over. Months of training, many difficulties to overcome, from the aforementioned fractured elbow, several colds and finally a sickness bug which scuppered one of my final long runs, all on top of the mammoth task of getting myself marathon fit after having the baby last May which has been hard enough without all the rest of it had taken it’s toll!

The baby weight is technically gone now, but I’m no where near as fit, and my body is not as toned as it was pre baby. I’m still breastfeeding and that doesn’t really lend itself to running and race photos make me want to hide away and never come out they can be so unflattering! It’s been a battle on both the physical and mental front and I’m pretty much exhausted from it all (the constant lack of sleep isn’t helping this!) and If anyone asked me how I felt about London I’d say that “I can’t wait for it to be over now” but then I went to the London Running Expo to pick up my race number and now, finally, I’m actually excited!

Collecting my number with my friends Kev and Dom

I had a great day out with two of my very good friend’s who both also got ballot places, and the buzz of the day was infectious, so now, finally, it’s the day before. My kit is ready, I’ve put in the training, almost 500 miles worth since having Susannah, I’ve tried my best to raise some money for a good cause, and I’ve improved my fitness to a point that getting to the finish line is actually possible! So, wish me good luck, track me on the app, and chuck me a bit of sponsorship if you are able (click here) and watch this space for the after race update that I’ll get round to writing…. sometime!