Reset, Rebuild, and Start Training – I’ve a Marathon to Run!

Life’s a journey, but sometimes it’s easy to get a little lost along the way, especially without a goal to aim for, and that’s where I’ve been stuck for a while. Lost. Bouncing from this race to that race at random, no direction to my training, and a whole lot of injury.

I’ve had ankle injuries, shin injuries and most recently a very painful knee injury which stopped me running for a month while I attempted to let it heal. While on my self imposed rest I realised that I needed a new goal, something to work towards, and a proper plan to allow this to happen without me damaging myself any further.

I did some race research and picked out some that I would like to do, a mixture of road runs and trail races, and, crucially, I found myself a goal. The Bournemouth Marathon at the beginning of October. I also sat down and worked out a training plan that took me from sitting on my ass to (hopefully) being able to run this race, increasing my running slowly week on week to avoid further injury, something I’ve never done before, always being a bit ad-hock with my running and just doing what I feel like, when I feel like it.

Training plan – draft 1

I ran my plan past Adam, my PT, and he approved it, and it started this week with my first run in over a month. I taped up my knee and did a 5k jaunt around the park that I was under instruction to keep slow (although It didn’t actually end up quite as slow as I had intended, but I certainly didn’t push too hard either) It was tough going, the weather was warm, I had just come back from a holiday so I wasn’t very well fuelled and I was feeling a bit under the weather, but I got it done and it felt good to be out running again.

If it’s not on Strava it didn’t happen!

I supplemented this with a HIIT class later the same day, then made sure to ice my knee well that evening. It ached but wasn’t too painful.  Sadly that “feeling a bit under the weather” turned into something a bit worse, laying me up for a day or so, causing me to miss one planned workout, but the plan for running is still good, with a further 5k planned for Friday, and another run on Saturday to give me a weekly total for my first week back of about 15km, a far cry from what I was doing, but a good gentle start to build on.

Ice and Tape

I intend to blog my journey along the way, sometimes about training and often I suspect about the other races that are being booked in as part of the running plan, the first of which will be the next Brutal 10, building to a half marathon in June, and another in September and culminating in the Marathon in October.

I’ve needed to get my act together for a while now, it’s been obvious to quite a few people that I’ve been struggling, and having a goal to aim for should really help me get my fitness back on track, shift some of the weight I’ve gained, and help me get back into a more positive mindset, as running is good therapy and relief from my stressful job and anxiety. I’m looking forward to this journey, nervous about more injury, and my ability to complete a “proper marathon” one where I don’t stop every 5 miles, and wondering about my discipline to complete the longer runs once they start to come around, but this should be good for me, and will be a great personal achievement if I get there, so, watch this space…