Portsmouth Coastal Half Marathon, and a bit of a Farewell.

As the year draws to a close there was room for one more race on my calendar (it was going to be two, but I have decided that cold dirty water is not the best idea when pregnant so I have given my Brutal entry to a friend and will be there in a supportive capacity only).

After I’ve finished writing this race up I’m going to wind the blog down for a while. In all honesty there is only so many ways I can talk about running a race, particularly as I have started doing more standard running, OCR did at least give a bit more variety to a race review! I’m not closing it down, or stopping completely though. This is a great outlet, and not always about running, and some of my most popular blogs have been the more personal ones rather than the race write ups.

My plan going forward is to write what I feel like, when I feel like it. If a race is particularly good, or unusual, or a big deal, something different that I’ve not done before then I’ll write about it. If something is on my mind, I’ll write about it, but they will be fewer and further between in the future.

One thing that will be coming up in the future is a little known race called the London Marathon (You heard it here first kids!) I got in on the ballot this year, on my first ever attempt and found out about a week after getting the positive pregnancy test (you couldn’t make this up!), so my entry is getting deferred until 2019 which means some serious training once baby has arrived to try and be Marathon ready – I’ll have about 10 months to get back in shape and sorted, and I think I might want to write a little about that!

So with “farewells” over with, to business, the Portsmouth Half…

With our hotel just over the road from the start line, it was probably the most chilled out morning before a race in a long time, no need to rush, or get cold waiting to start just cross the road and get ready to run, especially as we picked our numbers up the night before.

This race offered an ultra (50k), full marathon or half marathon all setting off half an hour apart, following the same out and back route but with different turn around points. Ours being the shortest distance we were set off last at 9am, and headed out along the seafront.

Views from the start line

Once again my husband agreed to slow down and run with me, and we plodded along together along the promenade, and then onto a section of beach, which would be cut off by the tide on our way back giving the course a slightly different route after we turned around.

The course was mostly on coastal paths, but did take us on some muddy paths, and through a small patch of woods, as well as the beach section on the way out. The drinks stops were well stocked with sweets, shot-blocks, jaffa cakes and mince pies, as well as offering shots of mulled wine and beer on the return leg for anyone who wanted them. (I obviously stuck to the water!)

It was a really flat route which would allow for some quick times if you were looking for a PB, and there were some lovely views on the way round, but I think it could have been a bit bleak on a miserable day!

Views on the way round

At the finish we were given a large medal and a goody bag containing food, drink and a wrag, had a photo snapped and then made our way back over to our hotel for a hot shower.


And with that my years races are complete, and I’m signing off for a bit… unless I have something to say that is 🙂