Mid Sussex Marathon Weekend: Burgess Hill 10k

Ahhh May, the month with two bank holidays, not that this makes much difference to me, not working Mondays anyway, but it does give race organisers the chance to do silly things like putting on three races over one weekend that total a marathon.

The three races in question were the East Grinstead 10 mile race, the Haywards Heath 10 mile race and the Burgess Hill 10k, completed on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday of the bank holiday weekend respectively and together making up the Mid-Sussex Marathon weekend.

You can enter all three races, or do them as stand alone races individually. My husband chose to do all three, where as I opted to just do the final race in the series, the Burgess Hill 10km, as a full marathon, all be it over three days, is beyond my injured legs at the moment and would be a far to great a jump in distance right now.

The weather forecast was a bit mixed but we got lucky and although it was cold waiting to start, once you got running it was pretty warm.

Before the start

The route was described as trail and was mainly around the outskirts of grassy fields which could have been muddy had the weather not been dry lately. The course had a few hills to contend with and having overheard someone talking with trepidation about “the hill to the water tower” I was expecting a killer, but it quickly became apparent that the people talking must be used to flat routes as it really wasn’t that bad! The course took you on two loops around different fields, and you did each loop twice, meaning each hill was also visited twice, and my total elevation was 82m according to strava, so no single hill was too taxing.

The finish was back the way you started, with a nice stretch of downhill through a bit of a residential area, the only part of the course on road, then finally back around the edge of a playing field belonging to the school which was used as the base for the race. This was probably the worst part for me, as you come into the field and can see the finish but have to go the long way round to get there. A sprint down the final straight had me finishing in just under 55mins, a pretty reasonable time considering my knee, which had predictably started to really hurt with 1 mile left to go.


Phil had finished a mere 7 mins ahead of me, so after a short break to catch my breath we hit the road back to Hastings to enjoy some of the May Day celebrations our little town does so well. All in all, a really good day to kick off the month.