Hastings Runner 5 Mile Race (Road to Bournemouth Week 4)

After running the Burgess Hill 10k at the beginning of the week I had another 5k of training runs to complete, finishing off the week with the Hastings five miler at the weekend.

I had planned to run the 5k after my PT session on Friday, however I decided to take my watch to my Bootcamp sessions and circuit class during the week, and managed to rack up over 5km worth of running during the warm ups and sprints that were incorporated into the classes, even scoring my fastest ever kilometre in the process (not something I should have been doing, as I’m still supposed to be keeping the running intensity low!)

New 1k PB

The Hastings 5 Miler took place on the Sunday morning and this year it was mild but not blazing sunshine like last year which would make running much more comfortable. The great thing about this race is that the start line is a 10-15min walk from my front door, and with no need to register on the day, for once it wasn’t a ridiculously early get up.

This run starts in the centre of Hastings outside the Town Hall, takes you out along the seafront towards St Leonards, along to just past the Hastings Half Marathon start point before turning you around and taking you back on yourself and all the way along to just past the crazy golf at the other end of the seafront before turning you around again, diverting you down an underpass and back along to the town hall to finish. It’s a flat and fast course for those that want to push themselves.

I started out too fast, getting swept up in the race atmosphere, but found it comfortable so kept going, and this was fine until the first turn around point, were my knee was starting to really make itself felt. I knew I had to slow down, or risk making my knee worse again, so I deliberately slowed the pace, but it was frustrating as people started to pass me. I struggled through the middle couple of miles, trying to balance the pace and the pain, but once out of the underpass I went for it with a sprint finish.


Once uploaded to Strava it turned out that there were seconds between this years time and last years time, and my average pace was identical. This surprised me since my fitness is not what it was this time last year and I’m hauling around a significant amount of extra weight, however it is heartening to know that as my knee gets better, hopefully my fitness will return.

I have since been suitably chastised by my PT for pushing too hard this week, and told to calm it down and remember the long game so I don’t end up injured again, and I fully intend to follow that advice, no more PBs for me from now on, until i’m much stronger!


Week 4 Running total: 25km