Glow in the Park (Road to Bournemouth Week 3)

I started this week with a 10k run with just one days rest after running Brutal and this may not have been the most sensible way to plan my runs this week, as my knee was left very sore after I was done and I spent a lot of the afternoon with an ice pack on it before hitting Bootcamp in the evening. I’m still fighting the laziness that has crept in over the past few months this week, and after two days of Bootcamp I sacked off Wednesday’s circuits class and took an extra rest day, this is still a bit of a work in progress. A PT session and a gentle 5km run on Friday completed my training for the week and then it was on to my “race”.

Saturday evening saw me travelling to Maidstone with my husband, Mum, brother, sister-in-law and 6 year old niece for a Glow in the Park fun run. With our head bands and head torches, and painted faces we found the warm up space and got dancing to the music that was pumping.

Ready to glow

It was chilly as night drew in, and once dusk had fallen we were set off in batches of about 500 people (the race had over 4500 people in attendance) and we were off onto the dark course.

A sea of head torches

As you made your way around the 2.5km lap you went through arches of speakers pumping out tunes to dance to, disco lights, lasers and strobes. We soon reached the foam zone, where they were playing music and pumping copious amounts of foam into the air, my little niece was in her element, throwing handful’s of foam at us, in places the foam up to my knees, as we jogged off after this through more disco lights to warm up a bit, next we came to the paint zone, where people with big water pistols shot (very watered down) UV paint through the air (and if you were unlucky right into your face). It was cold and wet, but didn’t stick to your clothing so no running kit was harmed in the running of this race.

Disco lights

After this, more music, and then through a zone shooting fire into the air and pumping smoke, and then it was through a time tunnel complete with a DJ and more music, and onto the second lap.

On the second lap the foam zone had spread well beyond its area, with a sea of foam leading on from the area, the ground thick with white.

Foam everywhere

It really was starting to get chilly by now, as we weren’t moving particularly fast with my niece in tow (although she was now happily settled on her dad’s shoulders) and we were pretty happy to finish our second lap and cross the finish, where the MC gave little Bethany a high five, and we collected certificates and a pot of noodles each before making our way back to the car park.

Finished with the squad

We had a lot of fun doing this run, although I wish I had thought to stick my dryrobe in the car, it was pretty chilly by the time we were done, and it was really nice to do something like this as a family (my poor nephew was not happy at being left at home with Granddad as he is still to young to go, the age limit is 6+) So if you want an actual fun, fun-run to do with the family, check and see if there is one of these near you and get signed up.

Week 3 running total: 20km