2014 Year of Challenges

The challenges I faced this year:

In 2014 I decided to take on a year of challenges to raise money for the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. The charity was nominated for me by my good friend Suzanne, who sadly passed away part way through the year, and I carried on in her memory. Click on the links below to read about the challenges I completed.


Glow in the park 10k (completed)


Kenley 10k (Completed)


Nuts Challenge 7k 100+ obstacle race! (Completed)
Trailman 6k run (Completed)
Warrior run 6k obstacle race (Completed)


Dirty Dozen 12k obstacle race (completed)


Beast in the East 10k Muddy run (Completed)
Nuclear Rush 12k Obstacle race (Completed)
Kamikaze 8 mile obstacle race (Completed)


Mud, Sweat and Beer 10k Obstacle Race (Completed)
Back to the Trenches 12k Obstacle Race (Completed)
World War Run 5mile Obstacle Race (Completed)


The Obstacle at Jimmy’s Farm 10k Obstacle race (Completed)
Only Fools Ride Horses 4 mile Obstacle race (Completed)


Colour the Coast 4k Fun Run (Completed)
River Rat 10k Aquatic Obstacle Race (Completed)
Dirty Dozen Races Dirty Dash 6k Obstacle Race (Completed)
Sparten Super 13+k Obstacle Race (Completed)


Spartan Sprint 5+k obstacle race, (Completed – twice)
Nuclear Blackout Day and Nuclear Blackout Night. Two races of  5k laps over 2 hours, one in the day and one in the dark! (Completed)
Back to The Trenches 10k Obstacle race (Completed)
Dirty Dozen 12k Obstacle race (Completed)
Dirty Destroyer 18k Obstacle race (Completed)
Dirty Dash 6k Obstacle race (Pulled out due to injury)


Warrior Run 6k Obstacle race again (Pulled out due to Injury)
Spartan Beast 20+k obstacle race (Completed)
OCR World Championships in America!!!(Completed)


Nuclear Fallout 16k Obstacle race (Completed)
Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest (Completed)
Judgement Day 10 mile Obstacle race (Completed)


Mud Sweat and Beer Winter 10km Obstacle race (Completed)
Judgement Day Team Challenge (Completed)
Mud Sweat and Beer London 10km Obstacle race (Completed)

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