Brutal Run Windmill Hill. (Road to Bournemouth Week 2)

I went into my second week of training coming off the back of a bit of heavy weekend, with too much drinking and bad food choices, leaving me feeling sluggish and unfit, and the scales being especially unkind, however on the Monday the training plan said 6km run, so 6km it was going to be.

I travelled out of Hastings to nearby Brede High Woods with my mum and went out for a very pleasant trail run. Kudos to my mum who I forgot to tell I wanted to run 6km to, and who despite falling over in the first 30 seconds of our run, picked herself up, dusted herself off and did the whole distance!

Mum running down a bluebell covered hill

It was stunning in the woods, with bluebells covering the ground, the sun shining through the clouds and it was a really enjoyable run.

Following from this it was a lay off from running until the weekend where I had my first race back since my knee enforced time out and I was heading to run another Brutal Run 10k, this time based at Windmill Hill.

After a bit of a shocking journey we ran the risk of not making the start line on time, but our luck changed and we managed to get our numbers just in time for the warm up.

I was joining my friend Jayne and some of her friends for this run, a gentle no pressure trot around some pretty trails, well, as gentle as it could be considering the hills in this race, some of which were alomst vertical!

Cresting a Hill

It was really fun jogging around in good company, enjoying the technical trails, it was warm and I was looking forward to the moment we would get to splash through some cold water, which came soon enough, somewhere after the 5km point, three nice cool water crossings to sooth the legs.

Laughing hard and loving life

Towards the end of the run my knee was starting to cause me pain, but I was pleased how long it lasted out before then. Hills were the worst, but I struggled on, and I always have loved running downhill and there were plenty of these too.

Soon the finish line was in sight and we picked up the pace for a sprint finish, crossing the line together and grabbing a photo before going to get changed, then all heading to a nearby cafe for a huge all day breakfast before tacking the journey home.

At the finish

Week 2 running total: 16km