BBB 10k (Road To Bournemouth week 21)

So the marathon is looming closer and closer and I know I’ve got to start putting in the long runs, but Monday comes around and I’m super tired, after a week of birthday fun culminating in a late finishing BBQ Sunday, so I run a 5k. Tuesday comes around, and I still can’t be bothered. Lethargic and lacking energy as my body gets used to a new nutrition plan starting and me no longer feeding it rubbish. Wednesday I feel worse, but by the afternoon I drag myself out for 6k, topped up to 10k with some sprints at circuits. Finally on Thursday I drag myself out the door to do my planned 10 miles, and it’s bad! I feel drained from the start and I nearly quit over and over just about managing to force myself onwards to complete the 10 miles I had set out to do.  Once I was home I was seriously considering dropping out of the marathon all together, how will I put another 16 miles on top of that?

On the plus side I got it done! A bit of running to and from my PT session on the Friday left me a 10k race to run on the Sunday. I was planing to run it alone and push, but I was quite worried that a perceived failure on my part would be one too many knocks to my confidence, then I found out that my good friend Jac had signed up last minuet after not running for 2 months. I quickly asked her if she would like a running buddy, which I’m happy to say she did.

We set off up Battle high street together, I was allowing Jac to set the pace and was comfortably running by her side having a nice chat and catch up, and I started to remember that running can actually be enjoyable not just a purgatory slog! When she wanted to walk we walked, when she wanted to run we ran, I encouraged her to keep going when I could see she was struggling and she reminded me how much fun it can be to do a race with someone you love by your side.

The race itself has a few hills that feel quite endless when your struggling up them, not really steep, but long and relentless. Jac was a star and never once gave up, walking when she couldn’t run, and always starting up again. We talked weddings (super exciting, she’s getting married to one of my other best friends in a few weeks) marathons and feelings about body image, something we both struggle with. It was great to be outside, and talking freely after isolating myself for most of the summer.

As we got near to the end of the race we were joined by my hubby who had finished and come back for us, and between us Phil and I encouraged Jac to keep running to the finish. We picked up the pace slightly as we ran back down the high street towards the Abbey to the finish, Phil peeling off to allow us to finish together and snap a photo.

Finishing in step with Jac

After struggling through the beginning of the week, I finished it on a high after really enjoying the run with Jac, and pleased that despite a lack of energy and motivation for once I had done exactly what I set out to do. On towards the marathon we go.

Week 21 Running total: 43.6km

5 Weeks to go…