Atishoo, Atishoo, We All Fall Down!

Wow, it’s only the last day of February and so far 2019 has already been rough! Husband has been ill a couple of times, baby has been ill for the first time (and that was really tough!) She’s also cut no less than 6 teeth all at once, and learned the art of the temper tantrum and then there was me, fracturing my elbow and  also being ill myself 3 times since the beginning of the year!

All of this has lead to some very inconsistent training on my part, not what I really wanted 3 months out from the London Marathon! I tried to get running as soon as I could after my elbow fracture, and truth be told it was before I was given the go ahead from the hospital, but it felt OK and I took it easy, but with cold after cold hitting me, running has been hard going and sometimes the very last thing I wanted to be doing! We also went on a 10 night all inclusive holiday, not a bad thing in itself at all, but bad for diet and training that’s for sure (plus that’s when cold number 2 took hold!)

My one and only run on Holiday

So beginning(ish) of February, once I was home from my holiday, I really had to work at getting back to my training plan. I re-wrote parts of it, having to increase the mileage more steeply than I had originally wanted, and my god it’s felt like hard work!

I was out on one of my mid-week runs, on a route I’ve probably run hundreds of times by now, round the park. 6km from door to door, abut 90m of elevation, not a particularly tough run and I felt like I was struggling. I had to keep stopping to walk, running the hills felt laughable and it felt like I was running through treacle at a snails pace, and I thought to myself “God, it feels like I’m back at square one, AGAIN! How many times have I had to start again now?” and that’s when it hit me, this was great! Seriously, how many times HAVE I been back at square one? Loads! When I’ve just lost my way a bit, eaten too much, drank to much. When I was so  stressed I left my job, when I had my miscarriage, when I hurt my knee, ankle, ankle again, when I got pregnant, after having the baby, now after my elbow fracture…. I could go on and on, and what, despite all of this, do I never, ever do? Give up! It occurred to me that being back at square one means one thing only. I. DON’T. QUIT!

Who actually cares, other than myself, if I can’t run as fast as I once could, or I can’t lift such a heavy weight anymore? What does it really matter? What matter’s is that I am still out there, still working hard to achieve my goals. Is a 5 hour or a 6 hour marathon any less of an achievement really than a 4 hour one? To someone like me I mean, someone who is not a natural athlete, not looking to win anything, just wanting to push myself out of my comfort zone, do something good for myself, maybe make some people proud of me, hopefully raise some money for my charity (The Royal Marsden – sponsor me here! ) It honestly doesn’t matter how fast I reach the finish line, what matters is that I will make it there!

I ran probably my slowest ever non pregnant half marathon  the other week and it really took it’s toll having not built up to it, it honestly made me wonder if I do have a marathon in me, but the next week i went out for a 14 mile training run and with better fuelling it felt miles better despite being just as slow (much more hilly though!) and next weekend i’ll be trying for 16 miles. After that it’s the big one (well before the actual big one that is!) The Lydd 20 mile race. If I can get that right it will be a much needed confidence boost. Then it’s a slow taper back down, Hastings Half marathon, some 10 mile training runs and then it’ll be time for the main event. London! It’s starting to come round very quickly now. 8 and a half weeks to go….

Running my first half marathon in 11 months